hospital update

*** Update *** Sweet baby girl was born last night at 8:29pm to a trooper.
Seven pounds & 4 ounces. Keep praying if you will, she is having some trouble with her lungs & will be in the NICU for a bit.

In case you missed this last blog, I'll not scare you and make you think that I'm in labor.

We've (Lauren & I) have been at the hospital the better part of today waiting on one of our girls to give birth and it's been a sweet reminder of how blessed we are to be a part of this ministry. There is kind of nothing greater in the world, than getting to walk a whole family (or really - two families) through a birth and adoption, while getting to talk about Christ and his adoptive love for us.

Still no baby yet, our sweet Victoria has been a trooper - we're about twelve hours in and she still hasn't gotten an epidural, she's just barely grunting at each contraction.

Also, I'd be lying if I said being here wasn't making me anxious for my own hospital day coming up. Now - if we just had a name for our little son-to-be.
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