in 24 hours

Want to know what it's like to be a housemom at a maternity home?
Here's a glimpse.

Last night, Nick and I had one of our sweetest ministry moments here so far. We were sitting downstairs by the fire with one of the girls... she speaks barely any english and we were fumbling through a conversation, just enjoying her and trying to get to know her better. In all honesty, she is a complete joy. She cooks us authentic mexican food three times a week and is always trying to clean up, after herself, after our kids, before we can even make a mess. While we were just sitting and relaxing, she had absentmindedly picked up the quilt I started for Glory a year ago and was finishing the edging by hand - just to be helpful. We were joking that her and I should start a clothing line and I asked Nick to translate to her, "I wish you'd move to Boston with us!". She thought that was sweet but we all laughed that it was too frio for her. Then she had him translate, "I wish you'd adopt my baby!". Agh. Seriously. We always joke that none of our girls would ever ask that, because they have to see us up close as parents and certainly wouldn't trust us with their babes - but she continued to press the issue. She's due a day after me and kept telling us, "you can have the twins you prayed for!". Ugh. I had to leave them room, I just couldn't take it. So sweet & so encouraging. Of course I knew my husband's answer before I asked him - too close to our baby's due date, too much with the church planting, too many great parents who need babies... but still it made my night. Maybe my week.

And on the flipside. I'm about 100% positive one of our other girls stole my makeup bag last night. No joke. I'm not even a jump-to-conclusions kind of gal. Whenever we've had something missing and one of our girls has been suspected, I am always the one saying, "seriously - she didn't take it. We'll find it." But I intentionally put it on the bench by the door on my way to bed last night and when I went to grab it this morning - totally gone. Kids were asleep, couldn't have moved it. Other girls haven't seen it. Husband's torn the house apart looking for it. And this little preggo just happens to be the same one who was caught "borrowing" Lauren's lipgloss a few weeks ago. So now, I'm looking and relooking in all the right and wrong places and pacing until she gets home at 6pm when I have to ask to search her bookbag. I half hope I find it, half hope I don't. If she stole it, I have to ask her to leave immediately and if I don't find it - I feel crazy and I'm still out of all my makeup. lose, lose.

So, that's what can happen in twenty four hours here.
Oh, August - come soon.
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