my honey-do list.

Have I never told y'all this?

My husband is seriously an EXPERT, little amateur carpenter.
He's manly, he's seriously hot, he loves Jesus, and boy can he design & build some furniture. He gets it from his Dad, who is no amateur and had made a lot of really beautiful furniture for us!
When we moved here to Puyallup, we needed an entertainment system & some creative shelving.
He did a little drawing and started to work in the shed out back and in all honesty, I had my doubts but out came this beautiful 10 foot tall corner unit that he not only built, stained, and installed - but also made built-in bedside tables to match. I'm not sure that I've ever shown it on the old blog, but here is a very rudimentary picture.

All of a sudden, I'm on a new kick. I have all this pent up decorating inside of me just dying to unleash itself on our tiny new Boston apartment - wherever it is - and I'm just coming up with lists and lists of things that I want Nick to build before we get there. Toddler beds, occasional tables, and picture frames. Right now he's busy dropping my mom off at the airport and by the time he gets home, I may have about sixteen pictures printed off for him - designs just ready for him to unleash his interpretation on. It's at least giving me a reason not to be sad that my mama is gone.
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