pieces of sunday

3:00am: For the third night in a row, I am convinced I hear cackling and screaming outside our window. We've had some girls up to no good lately, so I go down to investigate & find one of our squirlier girls standing in the middle of the hallway, not quite dressed. She acts like I'm crazy for wanting to know what in the heck she is up to at 3am.

7am: I hear the sweet high pitched squeals of my kiddos & muster up all the energy I can for some strawberry pancakes. Debate going to church, all the germs are scary & we've just gotten healthy.

9am: Am still enjoying breakfast with sweet babies... we were taking our sweet time. Have a dance-music-filled morning that wore me out. At one point, Elias raises his hands, as if in praise, while dancing. I decide that despite the germs we should be at church, worshiping together. Also during the third round of the kid's favorite song, they are both sitting on the kitchen counter holding hands and the light is coming from behind their heads - making them look like little pancake-crusted angels. A picture or video would never do justice to that moment.

1pm: After hearing a great sermon by Pastor Jesse and having some family worship, Glory upchucks just a little. Oh man! Did she catch germs that fast? Are we in for another week of the flu? Nope, Daddy just flipped her around too much in worship.

1:30pm: Convo on the way home.
(we're watching the kids have a staring contest with one another in the backseat)
Jessi: "are you afraid we won't be able to love tres as much as we love these two ever?"
Nick: "no, I think it's great. with each one, i love them more & myself less."
mmm, good word.

3:00pm: my boy passes out beside me, very sweet if only for a minute.
glory has never, NEVER napped with me - but elias will hunker down and cuddle up next to me sixteen times a day if I let him. a nap with his hand flung across my belly & his hot breath on my face is about as close to heaven on earth that i'll ever get.

4:30pm: I lose my temper because of a two year old temper-tantrum and a 19 year old pregnant attitude. Lots of deep breaths & a few tears.

6pm: Kids back in bed, sweetly squealing - I muster up all the energy I can to go meet with the girls for our weekly meeting. It's been a hard week and we're about to go from 5 girls to 3.

8:30pm: I'm back in bed, belly full of Taco Bell, getting ready to pray with my husband.
Let's do it all over again.
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