wall art

So one thing I'm having fun looking for is the type of art we'd like to have in our new little Boston place. We had very little art in Charlotte and come on, you can't put a contemporary oil painting in our Puyallup farmhouse. A lot of these are fantasy picks, but here are some I'm oogling over.

I'd love this funky gold piece to lay up against a mantel in a living room.

Since the color scheme for Glory & Tres' room is going to be lime-yellow & purple, I love this 8x10 print from Etsy.

Oooooh, this series of prints for the kitchen would be wonderful.

One thing I would love to take with us or re-buy is this massive mirror that Marilee and I picked up last week at IKEA. We hung it this week at New Beginnings over one of our sofas, and I am obsessed with it. It's just massive and we hung it horizontally - just above the sofa, which completely opened up the room. I love it. For $80, it is an amazing room changer.

But most importantly, can I show ya'll the inspiration I'm going to be using for our main living space? Thing bold colors mixed with lots of dark nuetrals (i.e. our existing leather furniture and dark wood coffee table). And I'll definitely be channeling Nie and doing some silhouettes.

Oh, I just can't wait. I have lots of DIY projects to get started on and lots of bargain hunting to do between now and August!