Boston - first steps

So, this is a big, huge week for Gospel Community.

Last night, Nick and I did some teamwork (read: he did most of the work, I just helped type) and got the "planting partner proposal" in order.* If you're unfamiliar with that term, like 99.888889% of America should be, let me explain:

It takes a lot of money to plant a church. Beginning with the hundreds of dollars it takes to just become a licensed non-profit, move on to the pastor's actual salary, the money you pay your awesome graphic designer, then all the supplies it takes you to get this thing off the ground - woosh, it's a lot. $125,000 a lot. That's right, I said $125,000.00.

For sure, Gospel Community will be a church that encourages it's people to tithe and give cheerfully, but until we are able to reach those people - there are no tithers. Here is where the church planting partners come in. Right now, Nick is in the process of praying fervently and asking when necessary for people to come alongside our church and help us get where we need to be. It is a massive undertaking, but one we feel like God is behind and truly - He will accomplish if we're just faithful to do our part.

So the ppp's* are almost done (also, I coined that catchy phrase just now - don't think we go around our house saying it) and they'll be sent out soon enough to churches and pastors around the United States who believe wholeheartedly in the two facts I talked about on Good Friday. But I sure could use your help too, blog-friends:

1. If you feel intrigued, interested, or called to partner with us financially by giving to Gospel Community Church - by all means, send my husband an email ASAP at He'll get you one of our snazzy ppp's in a hot second.

2. Would you do a little networking for us? We're looking for people, businesses, and churches that understand why spreading the gospel is extremely important and we could definitely use some referrals. Feel free to email Nick with those suggestions as well. Maybe just really rack your brain - do you know any families, any small business owners, or maybe even your own church that would be interested in hearing about our mission and vision? I know a HANDSOME guy who will email, call, skype, video-chat, or maybe even come visit you/them and lay out the vision.

I know to so many people, fundraising for ministry is a little confusing and can seem needy or greedy or a million other things. In all honesty, when we decided to take the job at New Beginnings and were faced with the responsibility of raising our salary, it seemed a little crazy to me. Over the past year and half, God has really used this opportunity to prepare us for the task of fundraising for a church and given us eyes to see the beauty in giving to further the gospel. Even in a period where we don't have tons of money ourselves (by the world's standard) - we've gotten to experience the joy in giving to others and seeing our money and other offerings used to directly increase the fame of Christ. For this reason, it doesn't feel needy or greedy to ask for money - we are genuinely excited to present others with the opportunity to further the Kingdom from near or far by giving.

Either way, you can pray for our ppp's.
And that I keep coming up with catchy church-planting phrases to make myself laugh.