friday, no thursday.

Poop - all day today I keep thinking it is Friday.
Only to remember that it's really Thursday. We don't have such a typical week/weekend life, but in general - Nick usually doesn't study or do church stuff on Saturday. Plus I usually get to sleep in, plus we generally just let ourselves be really unproductive. And then, when you go to Mars Hill, Sundays are always great.

Anyhow - I've had an uber-productive week and feel great about it, so I'm going to kind of go ahead & kick back tomorrow. So here is my weekend list, the things I'm just dying to do!
- finish Glory's Easter dress! I'm refraining from working on it tonight since it is datenight, but when the kids are asleep on Saturday, I want to knock it out!
- write some thank-you notes, birthday cards, & some how-you-doing cards.
- work on some blog headers for friends! One of my favorite downtime things to do.
- take/upload pictures of the kiddos. It's been too long.
- start personalizing some bebe stuff for Tres... now that his little initials are not going to change.
- make a mini molten chocolate cake. I saw a recipe at the library today with the kiddos that looked like it was going to change my life. PLUS, you can make it & refrigerate it for five days and then make it molten again. PERFECT to send to the Cowans next week!
- go on a slow, slow walk to see if I could possibly walk a mile without having contractions. Lately, I've been able to increase my activity level just a bit by doing some weight training without having any pain, so I was thinking - if I walk at a snail's pace, maybe it will work! We'll see. I know for sure I can't do it with a stroller in tow!

Ok, what's your list?
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