the good stuff.

Enough church planting, mommy-talking, silliness blogging. Let's good to what y'all really care about, my stinking cute kids. Here's an update an ALL of them.

- E bug's vocab is GROWING. Now, granted, only we can understand most of it. However, we've had a few actual conversations with him in the last few days which has been really cute. My new favorite word of his - flower. Which he likes to bring for me & his sis. Nothing gets me like a cute toddler with a flower and a football.

- Though this picture has nothing to do with it, I have to tell you my favorite Elias tidbit as of late. He has taken to sleeping shirtless. I'm pretty sure he thinks he's a rockstar and he can't fall asleep with fabric on his chest. He looks so tough, till you see his cute little passy in his mouth.

- He is also really starting to enjoy playing with his Gooey. This is what I get to see most of the day. And I love it. Now, cleaning up after playtime is a different story.

Speaking of Glory:
- I don't really know how to talk about beautiful she is. Especially in her purple dress.

- Here she is with my sweet friend, Erin, who visited this weekend all the way from NC. Proof that our little boogie is getting ready to walk. Let's sure hope so.

- Glory's favorite words as of late: baby, sorry, hola (as in the spanish word for hello), mama, and poo-poo. I can't wait for what comes out of that little mouth next.

And Tres, you asked?
- Here's the official update. His transporter (me) is a little beyond uncomfortable. I'm having a slew of bad prenatal symptoms and I'm starting physical therapy this week to hopefully correct a few of them. He is also measuring FOUR weeks ahead of what he should be, but will doubtfully be here any earlier. So - I'm getting excited to hold a big bundle of goodness. This is how I feel.

- However, I refuse to turn this blog (or my life for that matter) into a six week complaining party. So, I will just say I love that boy and I can't wait to have him and I'm going to try and make this face.

- BUT... If you want to picture me in my true habitat, think about me like this.
It's about all I can handle.

Ok, there is the Connolly kids update for the day.
We hope your family is doing well, too!
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