that will change you.

Here's a thought that has been in my head the last few days and I would like to share. Maybe it is more of a question. Do any of you mothers of daughters feel like seeing the relationship between your husband and daughter has taught you more of the Lord? I've told Nick a few times in the past week, sometimes on the verge of tears, how seeing him with her just explains so much for me.

Let me back it up. A few days ago, I took this picture.

And it struck me, how you can't see Nick's face - but I know what it looks like. Content, elated, proud. Just to know he's making her smile, he is giving her a thrill. She'll never remember it, but it thrilled her in that moment & so it thrills him.

Then this afternoon while visiting with friends, I was just captured with Glory and Nick on the other side of the backyard. My girl, who can't sit still to save her life - can't cuddle for anything, was just utterly content in her daddy's lap for like thirty minutes. She wasn't sick, wasn't tired, just liked to sit with him. I couldn't take my eyes off the two of them.

I told Nick again on the way home, it's life changing seeing them together. I know that I have that same love for Gloriana, but I'm inside my head - hearing my selfish thoughts and my tiredness, my humanness. But when I see Glor and Nick, it's like I see me & Jesus - she is stubborn and rebellious, rough around the edges and wise in her own eyes - seriously, already. Just like her mama, unfortunately. And Nick, just delights in her. Has from the second he laid eyes on her. She will never understand it, never deserve that love, never be able to start to give it back. Of course Elias has his own little two year old problems and of course we still love him in an intense and passionate nature - but there is something about seeing the same frowny face you make on your baby girl, and seeing a patient papa kissing her bad mood away.

Even with great parents who loved and delighted in me, it changed me even more to see my own husband hold my own daughter and to see their beautiful relationship. I am so thankful that I have him, that she has him, and that the Lord opens my eyes a little bit more each day to His love for us.
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