I am NOT an outside mom, in the slightest. I'm being totally honest in saying that I'd be completely fine sitting on the floor, or on the couch, or running up and down the steps - rather than in the grass or on the road. Don't get me wrong, I love a good hike when I'm not trying to ward off preterm contractions and a good walk outside beside myself does my heart some good. I juts don't like sitting in the heat on the ground, or on a blanket, knowing there are like six billion ants waiting to eat me & my babes. Hence our move to Washington State. I honestly don't mind the rain or the cold and I genuinely don't mind being stuck inside most of the year.

However, this has been one long stinking winter. This past week, something just snapped in me and I decided the kids and I needed to be outside. I swear, a few days it was like 45 degrees and we still all piled outside and pretended like it was in the 70s. We packed our massive triple stroller up with skateboards, goldfish, blankets, and bubbles and just toddled out to play. After about thirty minutes, Elias started saying "col, col!" and Glor's lips were turning blue so we went back in.

All that being said, I think it only took one really long winter here for me to become a semi-outside mom. I still don't want to be camping in the woods in South Carolina in July or anything, I still hate the heat, I still really don't like sweating. But I think this summer will be a turn around for me. Another reason I so abhor the summer is the clothing. Unless my body is in perfect condition (which it never has been), I feel really uncomfortable in anything less than long pants or long sleeves. Don't think I'm kidding - you can ask my sister, for a year in college - I literally never even put on so much as a short-sleeve shirt. And I don't think that's good or normal or anything, but it's my issue.

But uh-oh, I think this will be the summer that breaks me of all my issues. I have to make it through April and May with the heat rising and no air conditioning in our house, and I have two sweet babies who really like to play in the front yard. I have a feeling most days for the next 8 weeks, you'll be sure to find me in a tank top and flowy skirt - sitting on the quilt, blowing bubbles and just trying to stay cool.
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