a wrap up.

First, I have to address the overwhelming response to the shoe blog. A few notes of importance.
a) that was the most ever comments on a post I've written, ever. Also, there was no rise in the general blog attendance so I think I am about to selfishly ask for 22 comments a day, please.
*this is only a joke. I only have enough time to blog most days, not comment on the 60 sites I read - so please don't feel like I'm one of those*
b) I am such a weirdo that I actually really wanted your advice and I took the time to tally up the responses - which was difficult since most of you broke the rules & picked several. Here are the official results!

D was also Nick's pick, and one of the cheapest. I think those sweeties need to become a staple, but ooohhh - I'm serious, I love ALL of those shoes. I think if I could possibly get two pairs, C would take the cake as well. With two foot long legs - you can't go wrong with anything that makes those things look longer.


In other news, I took some assisted & unassisted maternity photos today. Just to prove that I am actually pregnant. And oh so pregnant. If the massive belly ones looks misshapen, it's because it is - something about Tres being thirty pounds or something.

I think this will be my easter dress, I bought it for Ang & Dev's wedding and never got to go!

I have got to recommend a show to you. Lauren gets all the credit for this one. If you like Lost, you will LOVE Kings. Is anyone else a little obsessed? I watched the first four episodes in like twelve hours. I cannot wait for the next one. Biblically allegorical, which is fun too.
Watch it on Hulu, which is great besides it's little alien commercials.
No, I'm serious - go watch it. Now. And write a blog about it so I can hear what you think.

And lastly, since this has been such a little picture update blog, I will leave you with Gloriana's Easter outfit. I know atleast my mama & Lauren are dying to see it. I'll tell you this - in my one week of really actually attempting to sew, I've decided I HATE patterns. I ended up throwing the pattern away on this and doing it myself, I'm just not meticulous enough to follow all the directions. In the time it took me to make this dress, I also made like six personalized onesies & a sweet tunic for Glor, just because they were more fun without the pattern!
The dress is nothing really, it's the fabric that I love. Oh - she is fashion forward that girl.

I hope that post was just as interesting as the shoe vote, but please do come back tomorrow - I'm going to have our first detailed blog about Gospel Community Church in Boston!

Have a wonderful Thursday.
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