Benjamin Haddon Connolly

We are overjoyed to introduce Benjamin Haddon Connolly.
He was born at 3:13pm this afternoon, weighing 8 pounds & 10 ounces.

Our c-section went really well, but unfortunately Benjamin swallowed a good amount of fluid on his way out so he is spending some time in the neonatal intensive care unit. At first he was having a really hard time breathing and it looked like that was going to be a big issue for him. Praise the Lord, that cleared up really quickly & he is only getting a little help breathing right now. His first few hours were such a fight, so he will stay in the nicu until he is a little stronger and ready to fight off Glory & Elias.

Nick & I are doing well, but we are really needing and wanting to hold and love on him. Nick got to hold him for a few minutes - but I haven't really gotten to be near him yet & that is killing me a little. He is so handsome though - so far, it seems that he DOES have the dark hair I predicted and seems to be really similar in looks to Glory! Here are a few pictures to tide you all over.


His name means "son of my right hand" & he shares a middle name with one of our spiritual heroes, Charles Haddon Spurgeon.
Thank you for your prayers & well wishes... please keep them coming. We can't wait for you all to meet him.