busy heart

Sorry for the blog silence lately, I have a little bit of a busy heart. Lots to think about, pray about, process, and prepare for. We're still praying for Kal and Shawn and sweet Pearce, trying to support them the best we can, we're still preparing for our boy coming next week, Nick is still busy planting a church, and we're still trying to love on and protect these two sweet munchkins here. Oh, and run a ministry. I have lots I'm thinking and writing, but it all feels a little too big to be anything but private.

Lately, in true toddler form, Elias has been having some little meltdowns. He knows a lot is going on, he knows his mama & daddy are not quite themselves and sometimes it's all too much for him to handle. The other day he walked into our bedroom perfectly happy looking, then threw his cars on the floor and just sat down to weep. I wanted to join him.

The blessings feel like too much to express, too much to be thankful for. The hard stuff feels to hard to think about. The 38 week pregnancy hormones cannot be helping, either. But Christ is real and alive and He is moving in hearts and in our worlds. Praying with my accountability group today, I was just reminded of what that life feels like when it hits your heart - hopeful and accommodating and pure. So while my heart is busy, it's expectant - looking for evidences of grace and glory all around.
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