glorygirl update

Thanks so much for your prayers today! Glory did really, really well!

She couldn't have food past dinner last night and she refused her pedialyte this morning, so by 1pm (her surgery time), she was honestly begging to be put to sleep!

Kalle had come with me to the hospital to help distract me because we were the surgery would take about an hour, then she'd take awhile to wake up from anesthesia. Instead, of course, our Gloriana wanted nothing to do with sleeping by the time Kal and I grabbed a quick lunch - she was up and ready for visitors!
(by ready for visitors I mean really miserable and scared which made her mama sad and scared)

Recovery was not so fun for Glory, but soon she took a little morphine nap and when she woke up - Daddy and Elias were there to visit! A few goldfish crackers later and the nurse said she was all ready to go home!

She looks banged up, but as you can clearly see in this video - by the time she got back to our house she was ready to dance & sing to Coldplay. She's sleeping sweetly in her crib now, off her scary eye, and we're hoping tomorrow she isn't toooo swollen.

Either way, we'll be laying low with ice packs, tylenol, & probably a little bit of coldplay dancing.
God is good.