keeping it real.

Here are the facts:
- Nick and I are in bed, at our house, watching Seinfeld like every night.
- Our big babes are in their beds, peacefully dreaming. They've been a sweet, hot, mess for the past few days - knowing that things aren't all that normal, but not all that bad either (since they've had a great Nonny to love & spoil them).
- Benjamin is in the NICU, a few miles away, and while it was hard to leave him tonight - his pleasant little sleeping face assured me that he'd be fine till the morning, when we'll hopefully get to bring him home.
- We're all of a sudden a family of five. That's a blessing I don't quite understand yet.
- While we were in busy meeting & caring for Benjamin, Gloriana decided to start walking! I don't mean she is taking a few steps, she is a WALKER. Crazy!
- While you might think the third c-section in two years would mean you get the hang of something, you'd be wrong. This one has been a doozy & this mama is struggling.
- We're REALLY, really thankful for all the sweet calls & emails, blog comments, and facebook messages from friends and family. I feel like we've been barely awake for the past two days, so thanks for loving on us.
- I told Nick today I can't wait for some random day, like two Tuesdays from now. When Benjamin is home & a normal part of our family, when the big babes aren't so worried that we might take off again for a few days and know we're here to stay, when my post-surgery body can cuddle up beside him or sit indian-style on the floor during play time. There are some challenges ahead, but also a lot of fun. I'm really excited to start this adventure.
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