mother's day thoughts

I've written like six blog about mother's day & I haven't finished a one.
They're all too long, too sappy, or I'm too tired to describe what it is I want to say.

This will have to do.

It's 4:40pm on Mother's Day - my third ever and favorite so far.
My kids are actually becoming slowly unhinged and crazier by the second. Glory has been growling at Elias, who has been shrieking at me. They are both going nutso, but they are both so beautiful and amazing. I feel beyond blessed to be a mom today.

I also feel beyond blessed to have the mom I have today. I've learned about a zillion lessons from her. Today I can't be with her to pamper and bless her - but if I could, I'd wait on her hand & foot (until my contractions took over and I had to sit down). She has taught me a ton about pointing your children to Christ, serving until you are literally racked with exhaustion, and giving of yourself till it hurts. On my really selfish days, I want a thank you card for each meal I make - or each load of laundry I do, and I think back to however many years she served my sisters and I without thinking or asking or every hearing any sort of thanks. Thank you so much - you AMAZING woman. Thank you.

I can't think about mother's day without thinking about the friends of mine who are amazing moms. I learn so much from each of them and they spur me on to be more while blessing me with the freedom to relax in who I am, right now.

And in all truth, I can't write a mother's day blog without mentioning my amazing husband. Since Friday night he's declared it "mother's day weekend" and has premeditated my every want and need. The crazy part is - he does this most days. He makes me want to know Jesus better to be able to love these babies better and in all honesty, he has never made me feel like anything other than the very best mom in the whole world.

So, in short -

I love being a mom. That is the greatest gift anyone could ever give me.
I love my mom. She was the perfect one for me to have.
I love my family. I pray that they understand the love of their Father more each day thru their mother.

It's been a great three years.
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