I think if we're honest, all moms tend to project at least a little bit on their kids. 
Either, "I've got a soccer player in here!"
Or, "I really honestly think he'll be interested in science -
 you should see the way he stares at his space system crib mobile!"
Heck, I've already decided both of my kids favorite colors. (Orange & Purple, respectively) 

So I've projected on both my kids in utero and on both accounts, I've been totally wrong. 
Elias: When Ebug was in my belly and even his first few weeks out, I was positive that he was a studious, serious, bookworm. He just had this old man face & wise ol' eyes. Look at this face - you think he could write a dissertation for a fun afternoon. 

Now while he is smart, he's much more wily than anything else. He's got a sense of humor like no other, he likes to be a goofball, & books are just now starting to interest him. For like a second. This is much more typical E: 

Now, for my Glorygirl - since I had one cuddly, sweetheart... I pictured a girly version of Elias - just really feminine. I thought she'd want to just cuddle and paint nails all day. Imagine my surprise to find that while she does have a strong desire to wear beads to church, a fun afternoon consists of ripping the pages out of books rather than pedicures
Homegirl can hold her own in cagefight, & she is definitely more feisty than flirty. 
MUCH to her Daddy's liking. 
Here's a typical Glor in action: 

But while I still can, I'm going to do some Tres projecting. 
(Oops, I almost just said his name. I can't wait to tell everyone!) 

So, here's my prediction. I think he'll be something like this: 

Yeah, I said it. I think he's going to be a big baby Vince Vaughn coming out of my womb. I told Nick today every time I picture him, I picture Vince Vaughn getting handed to me with waxy vernix on his face & giving me a good nuggie on the head. I think he has the body of my Papa Powell - with octopus length arms & legs and strong desire to make everyone laugh. Dark skin & hair and a little bit of a practical jokester. 

So, I suppose we'll see. 
The truth is - he'll probably be another Nick-Connolly-clone, but 
I've got 23 days to project falsely.