some important things, some not so important things

Important thing #1: Today is my mama's birthday. Who knew you could have 5.75 grandkids by the time you turn 30?! Her. That's who. My Dearest Nonny - this summer I would like to celebrate your birthday & mother's day by doing the following: spending a long Friday at the beach/park/playground with you and your favorite connolly kiddos. Put them to bed, leave the monitor with Nicholas, put on our bathing suits (and coverups) and grab some wine, and sit by the pool with some hummus and pita chips. Ahhhhhh. I can't wait.

Not so important thing #2: Elias has a strange habit of only watching one movie for weeks at a time during his rest time. For a while it was Cars, then WallE, on to "trains" - the worst Thomas the Train movie ever made, Shrek, The Incredibles, and now.... Happy Feet. We're about four days in and I'm utterly sick of it. I really thought this was going to be a good choice but it's annoying already.

Important thing #2: had Tres measured today by ultrasound and I'm not even going to try & make it sound funny, I'll just give you the facts straight - the boy is massive.
I'm 36 weeks & one day pregnant.
His head measured 40 weeks and 4 days.
His abdomen 40 weeks and 1 day.
His legs, 37 weeks and 4 days.
He's about seven pounds with two weeks to go.

Not so important thing #2:
BIGGEST LOSER SEASON FINALE TONIGHT! Honestly, I'm kind of hoping someone who went home from the ranch blows them all out of the water. If it's Mike though - I'm gonna be mad. That whole "godfather" nonsense him & his dad pulled is just nutso.
Katie, please don't call me & tell me who won:)
You can call it raunchy tv, you can call me a bad person for watching it, just don't call me while it's on. I'll be busy. and while we're at it....
I won't still be awake at 11pm, but maybe tomorrow night I'll watch it on dvr.

Important thing #3: my girl is having some minor surgery tomorrow. I have a post already coming out about it tomorrow, but this is just a heads up. Pray for us if you think about it & check tomorrow for more updates.

Not so important thing #3: Since I'm a mega-planner, I get ready for big things by weird markers. Such as: "only one more bath night till Leigh & Gray are here! (for the kids, that is)" or "twelve more meals till my prenatal massage!" and here is the one I'm fixated on for the day:
Tonight is my last hair-dye before my sweet second boy is here! I had to meticulously plan the date for this touch-up because end of pregnancy hormones make my roots jet-black, but tonight is the night. This is the hair I will meet my boy with. I just cannot wait to hold his sweet self. I can't wait to introduce him to his brother & sister. Agh!!!!

ok. that's all for now.
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