to tide me over

I am so glad to say I just got back from holding & attempting to nurse the precious Benjamin. I couldn't even think about sleep last night and I finally got an update from the NICU at around 2am that our boy was off all breathing support & just had an iv to deal with! Of course, that minute I wanted to be there - but my nurses made me wait until I had spent a little more time in bed recovering from the c-section.

Sooooo, Nick and I got to go at 4am this morning and I cannot begin to describe the way we both already love this boy. It helps me understand the heart of the Lord so much more - to love three different children, in three different ways - all way more than I could ever put into words.

We took tons of pictures but it's time for me to try & sleep a little while Benjamin continues to get used to life on earth, so enjoy these videos from yesterday while you wait! I can tell you - yesterday he looked a lot like Glory with brown hair, today he's proven that without tubes or anything - he is his own man, looking like only himself & not really anyone in our family! I love it, love him - my sweet little Benjamin.
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