weekend update

Thursday & Friday: busy, busy, busy. Lots of packing, organizing, nesting, cleaning, contractions, & some more organizing.

Friday night brought a sweet reward for all our work, as New Beginnings threw a small shower for me & Tres. I invited just a few close lady friends because it still feels a little wrong to want gifts for our THIRD in THREE years. We've been way too blessed as it is. However, I'm glad we let we them shower us, because we got some sweet things.

Our first ever AMAZING pack-n-play.

How we made it through 2 kids and 2.5 years and lots of trips without our own pack-n-play, I'm not totally sure! But this one is super deluxe, thank you New Beginnings!

The uber-talented Marilee painted us a BEAUTIFUL painting for our new nursery that perfectly matches our crib bedding!

That is ours & you cannot have it! However, if you want Mare to paint something - I'm helping her set up a website to see her art, so check back for that soon!

Some other sweet gifts -
celtics themed shorts for our rowdy boy from Kalle, Kel, & Miss Leta

And some awesome boy baby legs from Christy!

All that said - my amazing friends blessed our boy TOO much.
Thank you, ladies!

The rest of the weekend was filled with a nice balance of organization & Tres-preparation AND relaxation. Nicholas let me sleep in on Saturday and made me a DELICIOUS breakfast. All in all, my husband and kids made me feel BLESSED and peaceful.

Sunday was church & family time. Sunday night is dedicated to blog-writing for the week.
How was YOUR weekend?
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