about a billion things.

Here's what is going down.

  • HAPPY BIRTHDAY KELLY COWAN! I love you a ton & feel overjoyed to know you & to get to learn from you & to get to be your friend. Not only are you fun to be around, entertaining, & beautiful but I know that Christ has made me a better wife & mother from knowing you.
  • One of our girls, sweet Carmen, had her baby this morning! Carmen is honestly a JOY to have in our home & New Beginnings has offered her an open invitation to stay as long as she would like. We are praising God for the birth of her sweet daughter & praying that we will be helpful in loving on her as she walks through the process of placing her for adoption.
  • PEARCE WENT HOME LAST NIGHT! I told Kalle the other day, Pearce is about the fourth person I think about when I wake up in the morning... I think about him all day, and now I'll probably think about him all night when I'm up nursing, wondering if sweet Kal is doing the same thing. I cannot wait till Thursday, to go and spend the day with the two of them. Expect lots of Benjamin/Pearce pictures.
  • I'm tackling thank-you notes but if you've sent our sweet little boy something - can I just say two things: 1) stop! you are too sweet! and 2) thank you! an official thank you is on it's way but we're so grateful for all the little goodies.
  • This has been a week of worrisome little injuries around our house. My c-section is not healing so well, Elias has a gnarly hangnail, & we just found out Glory has an egg allergy - after she had a scary little case of the hives. That being said, I think I'm doing good with sleep deprivation and new-mom-hormones until I started crying with anxiety over Elias' hangnail. Feel free to pray for us:).
  • Before we leave New Beginnings, we're going to attempt one last little fundraiser... next week. I might blog about it in a few days and I might just scrap the whole thing if it doesn't look promising! We'll see.
  • Two reality star mamas I'm loving right now: Tori Spelling & sweet Dina. Enjoy.
Ok, that's enough for now.
love love.
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