feeling foggy.

For some reason, the first two weeks of post-baby life felt really manageable and rosey and accomplished. But then - I realized that my body just wasn't going to heal if I kept living like that, so in the past forty-eight hours, I've gone back to semi-caveman-like existence. Sitting a lot, resting a lot, not doing any laundry or sweeping at all. No vacuuming or planning, very little computer use. Just lots of holding and sitting & resting. To top it off, Benjamin has a little runny nose issue that is affecting his eating a good deal - so we are just holding each other a lot and trying to get through each minute. I actually just put him down for the first time in about 24 hours (literally) and I didn't realize how long it had been till he was out of my arms for about five minutes - woosh, I love that boy
but my arms are tired.

So I'm feeling quite foggy & the theme of this season is learning how to thrive in the
fog & the lack of productivity. And I think I've made a gameplan:
very short, simple to-do lists. Or long-term far off goals.

Some examples:
Today, I would like to: shower & read my bible.
By the fall I would like to: make sure Glory & I are getting one-on-one girl time once a week.
We are being over taken by testosterone.
In three weeks: I'm hoping to see some major signs of healing on this body.
Friday: I will get to sit & talk to my sister ALL DAY, in the flesh!
In six weeks: I want to buy Elias' toddler bed & bedding and help him start sleeping in it,
in his new bedroom, wherever that may be!
and of course,
This weekend: I would like to take some new pictures of my babes for you all to coo over.

Here is one to hold you off until then.