the first & last time I quote Tom Cruise

I was watching Oprah a few years ago & she was interviewing Tom Cruise, asking him about Suri and what happened when she was born & how they all went m.i.a. for a few months. He said that him, Katie, & their whole family just went to some vacation home right after Suri was born and they all lived on "suri-time", doing everything together, just loving on their family. I can't think of many times where I think someone should quote Tom Cruise, but I've always remembered that and wanted an after-baby time to look like.

Unfortunately, I've never really given the effort that requires. I've been into running errands, getting back to church, going shopping, or doing other normal things right after I have a baby - to just make sure everyone knows (including myself) that I'm efficient. Usually, a few days in, I freak out and have a mental breakdown. Then a few weeks later, I throw my back out or something weird because I don't really heal from pregnancy or c-sections or any of that semi-traumatic stuff.

So, this time is different. We're all on Elias-Glory-Benjamin time. We're doing lots of cuddling, reading, movie watching, playing, feeding, singing, dancing, and resting. It's been actually wonderful. So here are a few pictures of our most recent cuddling.
That's all the update I really have to give for now. And that is REALLY sweet.

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