i should be sleeping

Benjamin is working out some gas, Nick is watching Man vs. Wild, and
I should be sleeping - but I'm too excited to sleep!
(warning, I told you I don't have a lot going on - so don't expect something earth shattering)

I did end up venturing out tonight, without baby or kiddos, to take a quick trip to Walmart to return some diapers & look around for a minute. I have to say, the goods at wally world so impressed me, I decided to blog about it.

For barely any money, I got two really nice pair of workout pants and a cute little summer dress! I have to say, if you look, Walmart has amazing clothes for psycho-cheap prices. Here are some examples of things I didn't buy - but found online:

Both of those were $15 or under, crazy right?
And there kids clothes are honestly really cute for about half the price of Target.
Walmart, you impress me.
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