it's about to get real fun up in here.

Tonight, at midnight, my sister Katie, aka - Ruby, will be HERE!
In our house! To stay, for FIVE DAYS!
Not only am I pumped for some help, some company, some fun auntie-action,
but this is the most concentrated Ruby time I've had in years.

Since we'll all be busy enjoying her, here are some pictures before all the fun begins.
These are my sweetie boys, relaxing this afternoon.

a close up of the manchild. don't look straight into his eyes.
he'll make you hold him & use babytalk.

tummy time. he spit up 2.5 seconds later on my white pillow:)

how does that turn into that?

maxin' & relaxing.

And just one more to make you laugh.
Nick & I have been meaning to post this somewhere for awhile.
This is for real, how psycho we have to have our diaper organization
down with three under three. This is a for real picture of our closet.
We may as well throw that toilet paper out,
it's gonna be awhile before any of them are using it.

ok friends,

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