mush for brains

In the past week, my sweet husband/pastor has been leading me in thankfulness & praise. When I want to worry about the future or stress or plan or project, he has been pointing me towards Jesus and encouraging me to be thankful for the grace that God has given us.
He is a wiiiiise man.

That being said, I'm really thankful for the ease in which Benjamin came into our lives. I'm thankful for the seemingly doubled peace and doubled joy that the Lord has put in my heart. I'm thankful that our children are growing & learning and learning to love one another.
Specifically I'm thankful that Glory has stopped mauling Benjamin and even has started to give him some kisses.

On the other hand, one thing I can honestly say I'm not thankful for is the absolute lack of brains that I have these days. Literally, no common sense - no memory, no wise insights.
Some examples for you:

- Today at church, a sweet acquaintance asked me what my new baby's name was. I looked at him, I looked at her, I looked back at him. I searched the room for someone to answer for me and no one spoke up. I literally could not remember it.
- On that note: I often refer to Benjamin as her, Elias, sweet girl, Ebug, and occasionally Glory.
- I've been so excited to hear what all my pregnant friends are having. Specifically Christy, I waited for a whole week thinking about! When she announced she was having a boy, I squealed with delight, posted on her facebook & blog and even talked to Nick about it. Today when I saw her at church, the first thing I said was, "YOU FIND OUT THIS WEEK WHAT YOU'RE HAVING!"
- Honestly, when I started writing this blog - I had a lot more examples, sorry - they're gone now.

Oh well, who needs brains.
Here is a sweet video of Elias "reading". Now that is a kid with some smarts!

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