Today I was explaining a new phenomenon in my life to my sweet sister,
Is muteness a word? It is now.

There is something about being a mom to a brand new, nursing baby and two big "kids" also, truly babies themselves that takes you to a whole new level of exhaustion.
Am I happy? Oh yeah.
Do I feel a lot of joy? Oh yeah.
Are there some stressful points? You betcha. About every five minutes.

But the crazy thing is - I have no words to describe it all, relay information, or converse.
Around five pm today, I still had a lot of details to share with my husband about the coming week, I wanted to hear about his day - I wanted to spend the last few hours chatting with my sister. I'd love to call my mom, about five friends, respond to the four facebook messages in my inbox or start returning some emails. I'd love to do some writing or blogging - even take pen to paper & just let the stream of consciousness flow.

But the exhaustion has stretched to the elasticity in my lips and I'm mute.
So I'll take Marcy's advice and I won't apologize.
Great point.

Just so you all know, however, I'm healthy and happy.
Tired & have my hands full, but the heart is full too.
I like that the rest of the world is still blogging though,
gives me something to read while I'm up in the middle of the night feeding.
So, thanks:).
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