one month old, Big Benjamin!

ok, he is really a month & some change, but his one-month
appointment was today - so this counts!

Benjamin weighs: TEN POUNDS & 14 OUNCES! He gained about thirty-two ounces in seventeen days, which is just amazing! And is in the seventy-fifth percentile for height & weight. We don't mind tiny babies - but it is really nice to have one with no growth issues!
(since Glory just now weighs ten pounds about - j/k)

Here is what he is into:
- eating every four hours, not a minute more or less. If we time him on our Itzbeen - he is like clockwork, usually eating within five minutes of his little four hour time limit.
- awake times! Usually twice a day, once in the afternoon & once at night - he will stay good & awake for a few hours. He doesn't like to just sit, though, he likes to change positions, have the passy/lose the passy, have tummy time/end tummy time,
walk around/be bounced - you name it!
- being swaddled. Whether he is sleeping or not, he wants to be wrapped up tight. If he is a little fussy, a tight wrap-up in his favorite airplane blanket makes him happy.
- um, pooping. He doesn't do it all that regularly, but when he does - look out. No clothing or blankets or car seats are safe. Big Benj keeps our washer & dryer busy!
- naps with mom or dad. He naps with Daddy in the morning around 6am and
with Mommy after the big kids are in bed, around 6:30pm... these are some of his
favorite (and our favorite) little rituals.
- smiling. When Daddy makes kisses faces on you or when Mommy does her high-pitch squealing, every once in a while - you just start beaming.

Things Benjamin is NOT into:
- CHANGING CLOTHES. You would think we were ripping his arms & legs off. The second we're done, he is fine again!
- overstimulation. When the Elias & Glory chorus becomes a little too much, you like to just escape and lay down in silence by yourself. We understand.
- Eating small amounts. Since he eats in exactly four hour increments, he wants a full belly when he is done - no snacking for this boy.

Benjamin, you are a joy-joy-joy.
We love you so much & can't wait to have another month with you.

(yes, you're right - this post should include a picture. oops.
I WILL take some tomorrow. Promise.)
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