It's Saturday night, almost Sunday and I just looked at my blog & saw the last time I posted was on Wednesday. Oh, goodness gracious.

Thursday Benjamin & I spent the day with Kalle & Pearce. Kal & I have dreamed about that day for so long - spending the day together as moms, with our babies. What a joy. I meant to take about a zillion pictures but I forgot my camera and really, we had two newborns - our hands were full! Kalle did take a few on her camera, maybe I can bribe her to put them up!

Friday, the whole family trucked to the Cowans because New Beginnings was hosting a workday with about 60 volunteers. We are crazy thankful for people who come and serve (clean, landscape, & do repairs) - but with three under three, sixty strangers in and around your house can be a little frightening. ALMOST as frightening as six babes two and under, all under one roof - with only two mamas. Just kidding, our playday wasn't really scary - it was actually amazing and fun and hectic and fun. Then, we stayed for some great fellowship & food - provided by
Mrs. Cowan, superwoman herself.

Today we were all just about done in from our busy few days & it showed, because none of us woke up till about 8:30. (not including Benj & I - of course) Homemade pancakes, playtime, some botched naps, a Glory/mama grocery trip, a newborn poop fiasco, bathtime, and some barbeque chicken salad later and the day is almost over. So now I'm holding Benj during his needy time, typing with one hand, and letting my hair dye do it's thing - don't worry, I've contained the smell from my sweet boy. Not that I think everyone wants the play by play of our lives - but thats why there are no blogs spewing out of me, or emails being responded to, or calls being aswered. The dust will settle soon enough.

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