thoughts on three

Like yesterday's post explained - there isn't much changing in our world these days, not too much excitement. I think Nick and I will maybe venture out with the kids today, just somewhere really simple & thrilling for them - so we don't all start to get stir crazy. I'm a massive homebody and all of a sudden, yesterday around 6pm, I needed to atleast know there was a possibility of me leaving the house at some point or I thought I might explode. Other than going on a short walk with the fam yesterday, I haven't left the house since we went to get Benjamin from the NICU on Saturday.

Kiddo update: One thing I would like to remember about this season is how mature Elias is becoming. I suppose something about being the older, older brother is making him into quite the understanding little man. He genuinely enjoys being around Benjamin, but is also so much more intentional in his play with Glory - almost like he knows he has to distract her from the eight-pounder stealing her thunder. This morning during our normal cuddle time, he was totally confused about where his baby was (napping in the guest room) and was not comforted until he just tiptoed in to check and make sure he was ok. It really just blesses my heart.

Gloriana - well, she is still pretty unsure. I was so excited for her to meet Benjamin because she genuinely likes babies so much - but he is one baby she isn't too fond of, yet. I'm sure one day soons she'll want to hold him and kiss him, but right now there is just enough animosity in her to make us have to keep them a few feet apart. However, in all other areas of life - she's doing just fine. Walking alllll around the house, learning all sorts of new words, & getting more breathtakingly beautiful by the second. She is that scary kind of pretty - not at all put together or proper, but she has that wild fire in her eyes and a sweet awkward confidence in her movements. Nick and I are both stunned by her every few days, at how quickly she is turning into a little girl.

Benjamin is, well - more than we deserve. When I was first pregnant with him, Lauren & I jokingly prayed that he would be a "fat, happy, sling baby"... the kind of third baby that comes along and eats, sleeps, and stays on a nice little schedule. Towards the end of my pregnancy, the Lord started to change my heart and showed me that even if he was a skinny, pissed off, constantly needing to be held baby - that would be ok, and he would still be an amazing blessing. So far, almost a week in, he is really more than I ever could have prayed for. He eats well, sleeps well, and has himself on a fine little schedule - he is even more predictable than the other two at this point. Even his awake times are just really pleasant. Now, any day, the other shoe could drop & we could have a screamer on our hands - but even so, he has won our hearts for sure.

In general, so far, I feel like the Lord has given me way more peace, way more sleep, way more time to read the Bible than a woman should have with a 2.5 year old, a one year old, & a week old bebe. I do also have a seriously servant-minded husband, which makes all the difference in the world, and I would say my only complaint is that I'm missing him a little since we're playing "zone" instead of "man to man". I have no idea what that means, but he says it alot. Plus my post c-section body is still way too sore to try and cuddle up to him just yet, but soon and very soon I'm sure we'll be doing a coffee date and talking about life.

How about a video? Just to keep it interesting:)
This is Benjamin leaving the nicu - my favorite part is the nurses coming to take his picture at the end, I should have charged them for their papparazzi ways.