Oh, unlimited wireless internet - you are like a cool
breeze on an ac-less northwest day.

I'm at The Sings, monitor watching, so they can go on a sweet little date.
I'm not sure if they're doing me a favor or if I'm doing them a favor, I mean - they have real internet so I'm kind of praying they go on a six hour date so I can watch like six shows, write fifty emails, and read a gazillion blogs.

I'm just overwhelmed by community - how great it is.
Just to be able to drive fifteen minutes and see your best friends - if you can do that, please thank Jesus for it. It's amazing.

The company is just the beginning, though. I got to go to dinner with like ten girls last night to celebrate a special day with a special friend. We laughed and ate and talked and then I drove home in like eight minutes. Today I got to meet with my accountability group and we spurred one another on. A few friends here have blessed us with house-warming gifts, some amazing essentials and extra special things to help us get settled during this time.

I can't wait for next week - for more community.
I can't wait to be the one blessing the families I love -
watching their babes, bringing them meals, stopping by with
some flowers on a rough week.

I love community.
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