quick, quick, quick

I feel relaxedly rushed.
You didn't know relaxedly was a word? Oh, I'm sorry.

I have about 2.25 hours at Starbucks - by myself. On the agenda: write a life update blog, spend some time with Jesus, pray & plan some for my kiddos, take a little quarter-life-assessment of where I'm headed (under my sweet husband's leadership of course) and the adjustments I really need to make. That's a lot to do in two hours, so let's get this pumping.

The main points to explain for friends and family:
- We're staying in the northwest for a little while. Basically, just before Benjamin was born, Nick heard about a great opportunity that we both knew he couldn't pass up. Mars Hill & The Resurgence are launching a new training school, Re:Train, which offers a Masters in Missional Leadership through an intensive one-year program. He had to apply and we knew it would be a massive honor to get accepted, but we took the gamble & decided to stay - because it was just too good of an opportunity for a church planter just starting out. (go read about it to see what I mean) Anyhow, this past week, he got his official acceptance email to the inaugaral class of Re:Train. He starts in August & I am super proud of him.

- Boston in still in the plans. We're not sure how long the plan is delayed, but Nick's call is still really clear. We're excited for some time to regroup and solidify our family and for Nick to learn as much as he can before he launches Gospel Community. BUT, however long it takes us to get to Boston - we'll be praying for our future city, praying for the gospel to be spread there now, & praying that our passion continues to grow for the people.

- We're moving' on up, to the Eastside. While we are so thankful for how God has grown us during our time at New Beginnings and we're so thankful for the ways the Lord has allowed us to serve here, it is time for us to move on. After weeks of searching, we found a house in Bellevue that is kind of perfect for us and is super close to our Mars Hill campus. My heart almost bursts when I think about how sweet it will be to be so near to our community. Minutes away from our church, our friends, and our kid's friends - this is going to be a really sweet time for our family.

Ok, so that's that.
If I don't blog much in the next few days/weeks - you can just picture us up to our ears in boxes & with our little ones running all around! It's going to take some effort, but once we're settled - expect lots of pictures (you know Glor & Elias are going to want to show off their new room!) and the blogs to get just a bit more regular.
love, the Connolly's.
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