some pics

Today is July 4th, also known as my best friend's birthday.
The big Cowans hosted a big old cookout at their lake house, but I got no good pics of
the bday girl. It was much, much fun. After I got some updated Benj pics.

he was telling me to "hush, mama".

in the south, we would call this "husky"

whose smile is that? can you place it?

you know, just laughing.

this picture is the definition of why my life is great.


the party.

Hope everyone had a great holiday weekend!

ps: Nick and I just looked at this blog together & I seriously couldn't stop myself from laughing - dying laughing. Seriously? That picture of Glory?! What I forgot to add is that about 2 hours before we left, Glory hit her "crazy place" and just sort of growled at anything that moved and ran us both ragged. That picture defines her sassy side. Nick and I spent a good few minutes just giving our own caption of what Glory was thinking. Some suggestions:
"I told you not to take my picture in a bathing suit!'
"I will CUT you."
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