grocery games, updated & then some

Ok, reeeaaal quick.

I'm not going to turn into one of those crazy grocery-savings-recipes blogs. Promise.
Even though I do read them.

However, you may have noticed the lack of internet activity because, well - we need to save the mula these days (by not having internet at home) and I'm attempting to do that very fervently with our groceries as well.

I had previously heard that $1000.00/month was very typical for a family of five.
So I made my goal $600.00/month.
Which means, I make my weekly goal $100.00/week to account for random trips & overages.
So, it's 10pm at night and I'm about to go grocery shopping. (I've spent two hours planning to make this trip!) Last week I did it for $102.00 and actually almost choked, I was so shocked. Tonight, I've got my list down and I've added it all up on our grocery store's website and I've got my total down to $98.76! WOOO HOO!

So, here's what we're eating this week:
(monday) chicken divan
(tuesday) beef enchiladas
(wednesday) chicken fajitas
(thursday) I'm leaving open for leftovers or something random
since my Dad & Judith are in town
(friday) tuna melts & steamed veggies

Since I'm doing super-low carb eating, I'll be eating:
lots and lots of spinach salad with chicken and sour cream (my staple)
frozen blueberries & light whipped cream
& a spoonful of peanut butter if I'm good!

For lunch, the babes will have:
turkey dogs
spinach quesadillas
mac n' cheese
and leftovers!

All for $98. 76.

update, update! I postponed my trip to this morning so I could have my
wits about me and got the bill down to $87.86.
(but I did forget the sweet potatoes)
Saving money on groceries may be my new obsession.

Someone asked for the recipes so here they are!
This week I'm using recipes from 5 Dollar Dinners, a blog that Kalle suggested.
Chicken Divan
Beef Enchiladas
Chicken Fajitas
& Tuna Melts

I actually don't use coupons (yet) because our grocery store doesn't issue store coupons. I clipped about six hundred coupons this weekend, but they were all manufacturer coupons - and mostly all for toiletries - no basic food items. The grocery store we use, Albertsons, doesn't issue store coupons but they do have amazing club card deals so that's what I scouted out online before I went shopping - then wrote down exactly brand to buy and what the highest I should pay per unit was, based off of the online prices.

Some tips/tricks I used this week:
- Bought frozen chicken strips instead of fresh chicken,
will cook it then shred/cube it for recipes (also saves time cooking)
- Bought Jiffy blueberry muffin mix for playdates
($.88 instead of like $3 for fancier muffins)
- Making my own cheese & enchilada sauces instead of buying them
- Using $.69 taco seasoning instead of buying cumin & chili powder
(two staples I'm out of since leaving New Beginnings)

ok, I promise I'll leave this blog alone for now!

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