picture essay

My mama said she is having a hard time picturing us as a family of five, since when she last left - Benjamin slept about 22 hours per day and we had only been out of the hospital for a hot minute. 

So here is a photo essay for you, Nonny. 
And for all the grandparents. 
And for everyone else, too. 

this is Benjamin. 
aka "fatty patty". 

This is Glory busting into B's photoshoot. 
She plays with these blinds about 16 times a day
even though she knows she will get in trouble for it. 

These are Benj's sweet cheeks. 
Sometimes Nick and I ask him if they hurt him 
because they're so heavy. 

This is Glory's new picture face. She makes it everytime
I even pull out the camera. She thinks she's smiling:). 

Here is sweet Benj laughing at me with the sweet
runners in the background during their laps. 
They run from the front door to the back of the dining 
room 8gillion times per day. 

just another lap. 

While Glory naps, sometimes Elias asks to hold Benjamin. 

They both love to cuddle, a lot. 

Then they get glassy-eyed & think 
"man, it's hard to hold these cheeks up all day". 

Then Glory wakes up and we do snack time in our bumbos. 
Elias likes to get up first, Glory finishes ALL of her crackers. 

And there is the sweet picture taking face again. 
Oh, & her hurt toe all bandaged up. 


Benjamin is learning to play with toys &
to be really secure in his manhood since he lives in this 
pink boppy. But look how tough he looks!

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