this week's dinners

Here's what we're eating this week, WHAT ARE YOU EATING? 
(I need ideas for next week)

monday: my own special chicken concoction
shredded chix
whole wheat pasta
pasta sauce
olives (cause Glor likes them)

tuesday: breakfast for dinner
eggs (except Glor cause she's allergic)
whole wheat pancakes, with chocolate chips for the babes
bacon (I love lowcarb dining) 

wednesday: turkey meatloaf (made in muffin tins for kidfriendlyness) 
& cornbread

thursday: turkey dogs & french fries
(just to keep it real) 
and also, some southern chili to throw on top of
the hot dogs. 

friday: taco salad
(my favorite food in the whole world) 

lowcarb-wise, I'll be eating grilled chix & spinach salads, obvi.
frozen berries & whip cream, and string cheese when I can steal it from Elias. 
If you come to my house for a playdate this week, you'll probably get blueberry muffins with some other fun item thrown in (chocolate chips, bananas, or granola if you're lucky). 

And the grocery bill this week will come to.....
Much lower this week due to a grocery run made by Pop & Kiki before they left last week and due to me starting to use coupons! I have to say, I've scoured all the coupon websites and weekly ads and it's hard to find coupons for staples, which is what I cook mostly with... but I'm trying nonetheless! (you are definitely right, Suzannah!!) 

ok, seriously - what are you guys eating?