Four months?

The other day I just about cried when I realized that my sweet Benjamin was three months old. Then, wait! Hold the phone! I did the math and about screamed when I realized that my mommy brain had skipped a whole month and he was REALLY FOUR MONTHS OLD. I'm not sure how I've gotten so stupid but I swear to you, I don't remember all of June 2009. Not a single day. Did it actually happen? (July I remember being hot, August I remember being a little less hot and my birthday & September has just been a joy so far - but June; I got nothing.)

So I reread this blog. Oh boy, what a scary time it was a year ago this week when I found out I was pregnant. I was just scared to death. I really genuinely did not believe I could handle three children and I'll tell you the truth: some mornings, I still feel the same way but the reality is - Benjamin Haddon Connolly is one of the greatest blessings in my whole life. I don't think there is any word to describe our relationship other than boyfriend & girlfriend. This season is pretty hard, pretty tiring - but most of the best parts of my days have something to do with Benjamin. Either Glory tickling him calling him "benda" or Elias hysterically laughing with him, or the sweet minutes where we just get to stare into each other's eyes. 

So for posterity sake, let me tell you some details about this big boy: 
  • He LOVES his siblings. Loves them. If he sees Elias or Glory, he can't help but smile.
  • Our family calls him Benja so much that if I randomly say 'Benjamin', I feel silly. 
  • His favorite song is Everything's Alright from Jesus Christ Superstar. No joke, I sing it before each nap. (just the mary part)
  • Big Benja has literally no muscle tone. He's flirting with twenty pounds and doesn't roll over or sit up. I mean - I wouldn't cross him in a bar fight or anything, but he's pretty much a couch potato. 
  • Both of my big-kids are suckers for their Daddy, but this one is a massive mommy fan, which I more than appreciate. He looks at me like an obsessed fan at a cheesy lovey-dovey soft rock concert and I looooove it. Too bad he has no clue I love him way more than he could even imagine. 
  • In true couch potato fashion, Benjamin loves tv. If we would let him, I think he'd lay in his boppy all day and watch anything. So - he & Elias are the ones I'll probably have to ration the couch-cudding time for. 
  • I think I may have been right about my Vince Vaughan prediction so far but he also slightly resembles Jack Nicholson with that sneaky smile and arched eyebrows. 

ok, some of my fave pics of my big four month old. 

I love you sweet Benja, son of my right hand. 
You bring your mama and daddy great joy & I pray that you are great before the Lord. 
I can't imagine a better surprise than you.