8 years o' bliss.

My dearest Nicholas...

I want to give you a blog tribute on our 8th anniversary of being a couple and I think since one of our favorite past times is laughing together, this will be a funny and lighthearted list of some of my favorite memories with you.

- Beginning on our first date, October 27th 2001, one of my favorite memories was that our friends toilet papered your car while we were in the movie theater. Little did they know it would freeze and rip the paint off your car - but your laughter and patience was a great way to start a life with me.
- I loved doing "touchdown hugs" and "first-down kisses" with you at Carolina football games in college. A) I'm not sure I would have gone to a game otherwise and B) I can't believe how into pda's we were then. Yikes.
- I loved dancing with your at our wedding. Loved.
- One of my favorite memories was when we were in college and particularly stressed out about the six zillion classes we were taking and you whisked me away to the mountains for the day and emailed all my professors to let them know I would be gone. Can we do that again?
- For eight years you've encouraged my heart often with sweet notes left for me in random places. Heartfelt words, jokes, and an inappropriate-for-internet comment or two have really done my heart good.
- I loved the hour or so after Elias was born. Seeing someone transform into a Daddy is a crazy thing. And you are such a great one.
- I love spending time with you, Josh, & Katie. How many hours have the four of us laughed together? Talked about Jesus? Can we do that again, too?
- I really appreciate that you didn't walk out on me that first year during my cooking attempts. Not to mention the time I baked a broken ceramic bowl into the brownies and almost lacerated our company's throats. I guess that wasn't really a lighthearted memory.
- Seeing you & Glory in any capacity warms my heart. Especially when you tear up a little when she puts her princess crown on.
- I have this one sweet memory of you that you might not remember. One night, super late, when we were in college and it was exams and it was raining. We left the library and walked around the horseshoe and sat on the cobblestone and I put my held on your shoulder and we just sat there.
- I will always be thankful for the night that you took me to walmart at 2am when I accidentally dyed my hair green/gray/black.
- Thanks for always understanding my obsession with reality tv. Giving me Laguna Beach on DVD for a wedding present, turning off sports for RHONewJersey, & putting up with Rachel Zoe reruns.
- Thank you for writing me papers on theological issues I don't understand or giving me bible homework to help me grow. My favorites so far have been, "Why we're reformed" and the study on marriage. You're so great.
- I love nights with you and Benjamin. Him laughing at us, and us laughing back. I love to laugh with you and you've taught our babies well in the art of fun. Not to mention the amazing things you teach them about following Jesus by doing it so well. 

It's been a joy and a gift to grow up with you.
From seventeen to twenty five.
I can't wait for eight more.

love you boo.