forever pictures

I'm not sure where to start. Well, maybe with - if you haven't already, go book Candice & Daniel at The Beautiful Mess. It's worth the investment. If you don't live near them, pray they take their next vacation near you. Just do it. I like to take pictures and I think I take sweet ones of my kiddos sometimes, but nothing is like these. I really can't even begin to describe how well I think they captured our family. This is a season for us that is riddled with sleepless nights and outings rushed by looming naptimes, baby feedings, and hectic schedules. But now - I have a whole day documented forever, for us to look on - and laugh, and say, 
"this is what it was like". 
SO, thank you guys so much. 
We will always cherish these. 

i love that they were able to capture the hilariousness of our stroller outings. 

ugh, beauty queen. 

i would like this picture on my nightstand when I'm 80, please. 

blessings, blessings, blessings. 

my boyfriend. 

the most handsome first born son ever. 

this will be BLOWN UP on a wall in our house for years to come. 
and it will of course make many appearances when Elias is a high school senior.
oh, the symbolism. 

our family.


ok, that's only some, go check out their blog for the rest & book them - today. 
Thanks guys, we love you. 

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