full circle.

Do you like days where everything sweetly ties together?

I've been working through some material on creation that a sweet mom of a friend offered me and so far, the kids have been super cute. They love to say "LIGHT" and "DARK" and turn the lights on and off. I kept asking them "who made the light?!' and Elias usually says, "Elias!" and then Glory would say, "eyiyas!"... so you know, they're not totally getting it, but it's good. I made up a simple song, that sounds more like a cheer, to help them understand they didn't make light themselves in all their toddler glory.

God made the day, God made the night!
God made the dark, God made light!
God made YOU & He made ME!
God gives us eyes and helps us see!

the last line didn't totally seem to fit, but it made us have a line to point to our eyes with.
I went with it.

We tried a new nap schedule and low and behold, my little non-napper (Gloriana), slept for a whole two hours! Yikes! At one point, I was sure she was awake and just being quietly naught so I busted quickly in her room and backed out slowly when I saw she was still snoring. Anyhow, her sleep afforded me a real sliver of alone time, and I sat down with a cup of coffee and my Bible and my journal and started by thanking God for that miracle.

As I went on, I was praying about sanctification and growth
(side note: I do this a LOT. I feel confused and frustrated a lot. Do I grow myself? Does He grow me? Who is responsible for progress? How much of a part do I play? Do I play a part at all? Sounds simple enough in the Bible and when Pastor Mark or Nick explain it, but my head gets stuck there sometimes)
and all of a sudden, I realized - "oh, I'm the plant! You provide the sun, the food, & you decide where to plant me... you're in control, but I'm the plant - it's time to grow." For some reason, that simple truth just like actually delighted me - I wanted to talk, talk, talk about it - but you know, the kids were napping so I just read a bit in the Word instead.

Came to Matthew 13 and just about squealed! Parable of the Sower! More Seeds! More about Soil! Let's keep rubbing it in. Later on in chapter 13, Jesus quotes Isaiah to explain the parable and everything came full circle:

lest they should see with their eyes
and hear with their ears
and understand with their heart
and turn, and I would heal them
isaiah 6:10

He made us. He made it all.
Now, that is BIG. What does it even mean to CREATE light?
He plants us, determines the circumstances, causes us to grow.
We grow, we're the plants.
He gives us eyes, gives us ears - so we can see and hear.
God gives us eyes & helps us see!
Lord, help us see.
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