Nonny List Numero Dos

Well, I was going to hold my blog hostage and not write again till more of you wrote your four things, but Nick is on the way home from getting my mom at the airport and my words are just bursting forth because I'm so excited.

Also, I just found this from her second to last trip: Nonny List Uno

- make my mom a new blog header, the last one I made her is struggling
- do atleast one day of p90x doubles
- laugh as my mom takes in how big Benjamin is!
- enjoy as she sits in wonder at alllll Elias is saying these days, video chat does not do him justice!
- have a playdate with as many of my friends as possible so she can met the kid's friends and experience the Mars Hill Baby Boom (that is not so much a boom, since it is constant)
- take her to coffee
- beg her to help me set up Elias' new bedroom & playroom
- maybe take a nap while she plays with the babes
- complete my goal of having all the laundry in the house clean at one time
- run some errands that I wouldn't normally be able to do without help!

So, it's only about thirty-six hours that I have her, but I'm definitely taking a different approach to this trip. She usually begs me not to entertain her or do touristy things, but I always do because I want her to have a relaxing vacation. This time - I'm taking her up on her constant offer to help and just pretending that I have family that lives in town for a few days and hopefully enjoying every minute of having my mama around.