sabbath from my sabbath

On Sunday afternoons & evening, my sweet husband lets me retreat.
I make sure they are set for dinner and bedtime and run to Starbucks for reading, writing, blog goodness, design stuff, meal planning, life planning, and whatever else I can fit into a few hours.

This week I took a sabbath from my little sabbath and stayed to play with my bebes and sweet husband. We've had such a good family weekend and I just couldn't stand to leave them.
The result - I have a few blog headers I'm behind on, only enough groceries to get me until Wednesday, no pre-written blogs (gasp!), but my laundry is a little more caught up.

So, here's whats ahead on Naptime Diaries for this week, whenever I get a chance to write.
  • my to-do list for Nonny's visit! YAY! A NONNY VISIT! THIS WEEK!
  • a sweet story about Glory
  • a blog post I've been meaning to write for a while about kids clothes: Actually I would like if some of my mama-blogger friends would write this post too. Do your kids have clothes that you wish your husband or you owned in adult world? I basically wish I had Glory's whole wardrobe & I wish Nick had a lot of Benj and E's pieces. I'll show you!
  • a p90x update. woosh.
  • and.... who knows what else?

Ok. That's it.
I feel a bit more organized.
Now on to the laundry again.
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