some tidbits

In this blog, you will find some random information that is not enough to fill up it's own blog. 
However trivial and dumb it is to you, it is important to me and thus - we find ourselves here.

#1. Priding yourself in things is usually dumb because we should not boast in anything & also, because when you pride yourself in something, soon you'll stink at it. It's just how it works. I think I prided myself a little bit in laundry before the birth of Benjamin. I rarely had it built up, and if it did build up, I'd knock it out like a small animal. 

Then, three babies. Three non-potty trained babies. And worse yet, FALL IN SEATTLE - which means layering, lots of layering. And oh the laundry. If I did one or two loads a day, it didn't matter - it was always there, taunting me. So I made a goal to have it all done & put up and goodness... I don't know how, but it is. 

I would like to thank my washer & dryer, my husband for talking to me while folding and occasionally helping with a load. I would also like to thank Seinfeld for having two episodes at 10 & 10:30pm when I need company on late laundry nights. 

#2. I have three kids. 
Well, obviously - I have for a while. Let me expound. 
All of a sudden this week, my little (read:ginormous) Benja decided to cut the sixteen baby naps a day & just take two. Like a toddler! On top of that, all of a sudden he is for real eating MEALS! Like a fruit & cereal. So milestones for him, amazing. 
buuuuuttttt..... this now means I have three kids. Not two kids and a baby. 
Three kids who are up most of the day, three kids to feed at meal times, three kids who take baths TOGETHER. agh, break my heart and my back all at once, why don't you?
It makes life just a step more hectic and also, it makes me realize he is going to grow up. 
I kind of thought he was going to just cuddle with me all the time and not be able to roll over.
(insert very southern voice) My baby's growing up! 

#3. The response to yesterday's blog made me super excited. 
I started on a few projects last night and got a hefty amount of emails for
requests which truly makes me feel glad I decided to do this! Soon this whole site will be 
set up with different places concerning design issues:) Samples, price lists, & all sorts of goodness. Next week for sure I'll have a few christmas card samples! Woot woot! 

ok, enough of that nonsense. 
What are you up to this weekend?

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