Ten things I love

Just a continuation in the series....

1. Learning how to use the arcing method of Bible Study, developed by John Piper
(sounds boring but I love how it is opening up the word for me!)
2. Pumpkin Baking Mix from Trader Joe's. GREAT for pancakes and I'm going to try & make some chocolate/pumpkin muffins this week. 
(update: the muffins were gross - I'll try again)
3. Twenty kid playdates. Go ahead, read that again. 
I'm hosting a playdate on Tuesday (writing this early on Sunday) and as of right now, 10 moms and 20 kids have RSVPed yes. I think this will post on Wednesday so hopefully I'll still be alive! I'm pumped though - I have a game plan. Ducktape the door to my bedroom, decorate baby pumpkins, and have a ball!
(update: 9 moms and I think exactly 20 kids were there. It was not insane! Can you believe it? There were some really loud minutes but it was great and I can't wait to do it again! Here are pictures......)


4. Flashforward, the ABC show. That's just good tv.
5. The anonymous donor of the Home Depot giftcard on our chairs at church. 
Thank you so much, I hope your read this!
We plan to use it buy paint for our kitchen table (which is now a rickety old desk), which we hope will be a gathering place for our family for a long time. 
Thank you. 
6. Shower food. 
Anymore baby showers and I'm in trouble. 
Two bite brownies, curry chicken salad, chocolate cake, proscuitto-wrapped pears. 
7. On a healthier note - steelcut oatmeal in the crockpot for breakfast!
DE-LISH! What do you put in yours? I do agave and some combination of fruit (blueberries, bananas, or apples). 
9. How Elias refers to our risen Lord & Savior as "bebe Shezhuss"
We're reading thru the NT with the kids and we're all the way to Jesus washing the disciples feet, but for some reason - Shezhuss is still a baby. Tonight (after I asked the children to please listen and obey and be still), I had a hysterical laughing fit when Elias used his loving name for God. bebe Shezhuss it is. 
10. Blog Writing. I just reread October-December of 2008 looking for a particular post and could not help but smile. Seriously, about every week I decide to quit blogging but what a fun gift for our family. I read a lot of joy during that time, which is funny - because looking back on it, it felt hard to me but reading about it makes it seem so sweet. So I hope our blog brings that to our family - looking back and seeing the sweet. You should write one too, ok? 
11. BONUS ROUND.  I got some time with sweet Pearce last week and here are some pictures of two of my favorite babies. We missed you Salem!

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