It's not a weird sequence of Lost numbers, it my kids ages.

I was getting ready to write a 6month blog on Benja and realized - heck! Who says only "babies" should get monthly update blogs? And plus, mine are all babies - just slightly bigger. In my world if you're can't do two out of the three following things you are a baby: poop in a potty, climb into the car yourself, and feed yourself yogurt without needing a hose down. So they all qualify in one way or another.

So, my first baby, Elias is THIRTY FOUR MONTHS. When you say it in months, it seems like - is that it? Seriously? And it's still going too fast. Here are some details about our 34 month old.
- He is talking up a storm! Mostly in private, but he actually cracks us up. My favorites are how he shows possession: "Me Elias Mine cup!" and when he tells me things about myself, "oooooh, Mommy's TIRED" OR "Mommy lubbou Elias!" (meaning I love him)
- He is seriously so big. Like - body wise. You know the old duplicate their height at 2 and 1/2 to see how tall they'll be? If we did that for him - he'd been well into the mid-six feet range. Say what?
- I love that most days I find he has coffee breath. Ya'll, he sneaks that stuff like it's his job. He usually either has coffee breath or a ring of brown around his mouth.
- His favorite thing to do each afternoon is get Glory up from her nap. When we hear her stirring, he goes and grabs her snack and takes it to her. Now - he also takes a little percentage of the snack for himself - so we're working on that.
Now, my Glory girl.
- I love that the Lord is teaching me so much recently through her. He is showing me that He created her to be a biblical woman with high energy, just like myself. She's not always rebellious or mean spirited, but it's easy to mistake her zeal for disobedience. Instead or assuming the latter, I'm learning how to get some of that energy out in productive ways. Oh Lord, hasten the day when she is ready for gymnastics.
- She's really into babies lately. I may or may not have caught her trying to nurse Benjamin once or twice recently. A little crazy and sweet all at once.
- Her belly button is about the greatest thing that ever happened to her. I think her Daddy is about two days away from stapling her shirt to her diaper so we can go ahead and knock any ideas of midriff baring right out the door.
- Yesterday I asked her who she played with in her church class, I got these three answers, "James!""Grace!" and "Silas!". While these are good friends, none of them were in her class so she has a sweet little imagination on her.

and my boyfriend. Benjamin.
- Benja is eating us out of house and home pretty much. He eats TWO baby foods for lunch and TWO baby foods for dinner. I made most of Glory's food & I don't think I can do that for big benj. I'd never get out of the kitchen.
- He is inching toward sitting up, sort of.
- He can roll over both ways but rarely does:).
- He loves to imitate noises like growling or clicking his tongue.
- What else can you say about him? He LOVES life. LOVES everything. Doesn't cry unless you take away the spoon mid-bite.

So that's the deal with the kiddos. And some recent pics.
see, high energy. always a blur.

fyi - that is a size four diaper that he is busting out of.

two blurs.

when I see this face of Glory's - I tell her to go take an ugly pill because she is TOOOOOOOO PRETTY.

a little protective.

cute squirrel.


Family, don't you think he looks a lot like AnnaJaye here? I do.

Ok, that's all I got. Love these kids.
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