b & "andy"

Sometime in the next two weeks, two of my best friends here in the northwest will be having their second babies. Both boys, both will be younger brothers of boys! "Andy" has no choice - he is coming on Saturday! Nick will be in Re:Train, which is really good news for the Singletary's - or else I'd probably be stalking the waiting room, anxious to get my hands on him!

B on the other hand, well - let's hope he makes his entrance into this world sooner rather than later! His sweet mom has been so faithful to carry him patiently and I would love for her to not have to wait tooooo much longer. Now, the good news is... wait! the amazing news is - I think I am going to be there, in the Wight's house, when he is welcomed into the world! What an honor - seriously, I don't think Marilee could begin to understand how privileged I feel.

The truth is though, no matter how soon I see these boys after they are born - I'm so thrilled to know them. So thrilled to know their mamas - so grateful to be able to learn from them and grow with them. I can't wait to have their big boys over for playtime when they need alone time with their little ones and I can't wait to rock the little ones while the mamas play with their big ones.

If you think about it - pray for the safe entry of B & Andy into the world.
Oh, and Andy isn't really his name.
I only wish I knew that.
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