can't help myself, it feels so good.

I'm thankful for.....
Copying Kelly.
Watching The Office with Nick on weeknights.
Frozen berries, nonfat yogurt & agave.
My first non-pregnant Thanksgiving since 2005.
That I'm finally on to Mark.
That I learned so much from Matthew.
Being on the receiving end of a Nick Connolly good-game.
Butternut squash soup.
Sunday alone time.
New Moon, that's right I said it.
Bobby pins. (I mean, seriously - what would YOU do without them?)
Finding Glory on the kitchen floor singing, "glory to god.... glory to god....".
Doing p90x with Lexi on Thanksgiving day.
My upcoming 23 days in a row with my sister.
Sleeping. However short, however uninterrupted - I really love it.
Vision for the future.
Holding my husband's hand while watching tv.
Being able to tell my kids that soon they'll see the ducks at Nonny's house.
Some really amazing friends. Just amazing.
A massive batch of too tabasco-ey pumpkin soup that is all mine.
Pumpkin pancakes.
The color purple.
My friends kids. Or my kids friends, one in the same.
Singing Christ is risen, Christ is risen, and my soul knows sweet salvation.
Glory & Elias holding hands.
Being spurred on, not ashamed.
Elias kisses.
Target, the store.
Reading twilight before bedtime.
And now I'm going to go do just that.
Enjoy your turkey comas:)
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