Christmas Cards, round 1!

Ok - due to the great response from last week - I pumped out a few Christmas card samples for you all to see! Here is my thing about Christmas Cards: Ugh, I love them! BUT I find three major problems with them:
a) many premade cards don't have as many spots for pictures as growing families would like and
b) last year - I know about four families who sent out the same card we did from Costco which made me feel pretty unoriginal & like a copycat.
c) it is very hard to find a beautiful card that isn't totally cheesy.

So here's my answer to that great dilemma!
this is probably my favorite:

I love the vintage feel of this one. No goofy dancing candy canes here.

a little campy, lots of cute:)

LOVE this one.

I love the sweet feel of this one, especially if you don't want a picture -
but just some more thoughtful words.

Email me at for pricing or to request a custom order! The great thing about these is that you can spend as much as you want on printing them. You buy the high resolution picture & can print it anywhere you like - on photo paper at Costco or a super expensive boutique printing company. Or, let me handle all the details for you & have them just show up at your house.

Now, if Starbucks would just release the Christmas cups, I could put some Mariah Carey on and feel in the mood!

wait! great news for east coast friends!
*Also - all of our sample photos were done by The Beautiful Mess and the are offering a special discount if you book a christmas card photoshoot by this Friday, November 6th at midnight! Just mention you heard about it here & they will work their magic!
and that is my early Christmas present to ya'll.
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