Please don't think I'm admitting defeat over using box hair dye. No, not even. I've been a box girl since middle school. That's right, I said middle school. My hair follicles just shivered. However, in sad hair news that I'm sure will sweep the country - I am no longer a 9.5NB. That has been my excellence creme color for as long as I can remember - except my winter trips into brunette world that my husband has basically forbade me from doing again.

Now, I'm an 8

On top of stretch marks, weight gain, hair curling & thickening, skin dulling, back aching, body morphing, and sleep stealing - multiple pregnancies has waged yet another war on these skin and bones - my hair will no longer go to 9.5NB. It tries for like to two days to be "lightest natural blonde" but then it dulls out and gets brassy and orangey.
Elias, Gloriana, and Benjamin - you are worth it.

Forever more, I will be just "natural blonde".
Which is quite funny if you think about it.
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