Halloween Wrap-up

Oh goodness.
I've just spent about ten minutes laughing and smiling at these pictures.
Hope they make you smile as much as they make me.

my sweet skunk

the princess & the skunk

it should be noted that I straightened Glor's hair for Halloween. buuuut, God made her hair curly for a purpose and when it is straight - it is kind of a mullet. So up in a pony it went:)

best shot I got of all three of them, seriously.

a rare shot of me & one of the kiddos! yay, thanks Nick!

y'all - he LOVED that outfit.

E and his best man friend, James. Too much.

No guys, you don't look like you're up to something.

always dancin', that one

pausing for a quick slide

adult friends! I won't post pictures of my two lady friends who are days out from having their babies. They look fantastic and vibrant, but I'd be mad if someone put pictures of me on the internet past 30 weeks gestation.

I love this pic because Elias (Easy E, the rapper) is truly sagging.

aaaand, best picture I got of their costumes all night. You'll notice Glory's other princess shoe is missing - as are her earrings and leg warmers. Who knows where Elias's shirt and jeans were? He actually wore his "easy e" shirt to bed and permanant marker bled everywhere on him:)

Happy Belated Halloween!
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